Cause of All Causes

The terrorist Abu ben-Zhair is on the cusp of realizing his vision to destroy the West and cow the East, thereby succeeding in his avowed ‘Cause of All Causes’ to establish a Caliphate which rules half the world. His earlier, unprecedented threats were ignored by the global community but he succeeded in his design. He has always delivered on his grandiose promises – and this one doesn’t come any bigger. He has identified one critical point on the earth’s surface where one determined terrorist with resources and imagination can trigger disaster on a global scale – and he has acquired the weapon for this purpose.In the murky world of counter-intelligence, trust is a trade-able commodity and the Geo-political turf wars continue while ben-Zhair moves towards his climactic attack.

The story moves to a terrifying close with a catastrophic threat to the United States and Europe, and even then the international political maneuvering continues – up to the very last seconds. Ex-Marine Steve Baldwin and his MI6 sidekick Ellie Williams fight desperately to save the day as the gritty covert action moves from Gibraltar to Algeria – and onward across the Atlantic Ocean.

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Format: Paperback, 320 pages.

ISBN: 978-0-9956410-1-3

Paperback available September 2017

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