Blockchain Exploit

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An up-to-the-minute pacey thriller about the hacking of Bitcoin blockchain technology and cryptocurrency on a global scale

Sveta Kovacs is a sociopathic Ukrainian expert in blockchain technology with a Ph.D in cryptography. Her murky hacking past and many online scams have financed her Bitcoin mining operation in Portugal.

Now she has found a way to exploit a weakness in blockchain technology and if she succeeds there are billions of dollars at her disposal.

The new Russian CryptoRuble is threatened and the GRU are on Kovacs’s tail. Ex-Royal Marine anti-hero Steve Baldwin is still recovering from the recent loss of his wife, an MI6 officer, and is guarding Kovacs as a favor to an old friend.

An old enemy appears in the mix after MI6 has duped the CIA. But what is the terrorist’s role? Is it coincidence?

Geo-politics and international finance are never simple and in the new world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies the pressure points are moving.

Fortunes are locked up in cryptowallets. Can they be cracked? Baldwin cannot move with the times, but he can fight back against those who control him and those who threaten him. Double-dealing multiplies as events move to a climax in Spain.

Baldwin has the chance to avenge his wife’s death, but he is being manipulated by MI6. Again.

Who can he trust?

Can he stop another terrorist catastrophe?

An up-to-the-minute pacey thriller!

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