• Sword of Allah
    This topical techno thriller blends political intrigue with suspense and gutsy action. Weapons of mass destruction are in Islamist terrorist hands and their outrageous demands throw world governments into confusion. With much of the story based on fact blended with North Korean and Iranian involvement, this is a chilling portrayal of a possible nightmare future.
  • Cause of All Causes
    Terrorist ben-Zhair is about to realise his vision to destroy the West. Backed by a Saudi sheikh, he always delivered on his grandiose promises. This one doesn’t come any bigger. Two people have a bead on him – an ex-Royal Marine and a female psychopath. They are sworn enemies in this fast-paced thriller blending topical politics and technology.
  • Sicilian Channel
    James Marinero’s sequel to Gate of Tears. Baldwin continues his voyage, into the Mediterranean, but cannot stay out of trouble. Assassination, a massive terrorist attack and two dangerous women combine to make this a real page-turner!
  • Gate of Tears
    A near-future techno-thriller exploring the changing world order with the political, military and industrial emergence of China as the world’s leading superpower. With piracy and gold fever, much of the story is set in the volatile Red Sea region, and takes a fascinating look at what might be just around the corner…
  • Susan’s Brother
    Susan’s brother, by James Marinero, is closely based on a true story about a dyslexic child’s battle through mental institutions in the 1950’s, a struggle to be understood, a struggle to understand a world where he was, to his family, unwanted and unloved. It is an uplifting story.