‘Blockchain Exploit’ is now available. You can listen to the Prologue here in the form of a playlet, narrated by four artificial intelligence voices. 5 mins.

AI and its threat to society is a key theme in the book, besides of course, cryptocurrency hacking. I’ve been told that the audio prologue is ‘very dramatic’ and I hope it works for you.

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Get it now on Amazon-just 99 cents

I write books of the kind that I like to read myself, and I write to entertain and make you wonder about new technology and how it may influence where we are headed as a society. My story plots involve superyachts, technology, Chinese naval and commercial expansionism, Islamist terrorism, North Korean and Iranian nuclear weapons, espionage and cyberwar, all mixed in with aerial and naval action. Add to that a dose of politics, business scams and high level double-dealing and you will surely find something to set your thrill-juices flowing.

In the last few years I’ve become concerned about artificial intelligence (AI) and its increasing intrusion into our lives. Add to that the surveillance under which we live, with CCTV cameras even at our front doors, facial recognition (and AI) systems in widespread use and I can see that we are approaching Orwell’s vision of 1984, albeit half a century late. These are central themes of ‘Blockchain Exploit’.

In an attempt to be authentic, I have visited and researched many of the location scenes in my tales – and I’ve even lived in some of them.

If you want a free taster of my writing then I sometimes have a limited offer on my free thriller books page. Click over and get your own copy now!