NO. Before you ask, it’s not my superyacht in the header (I wish), although I frequently write about them in my thriller books. The superyacht in the image (complete with helicopter) was photographed by me in Sardinia.

As a thriller book author, my plots involve  superyachts, technology, Chinese naval and commercial expansionism, Islamist terrorism, North Korean and Iranian nuclear weapons, espionage, and cyberwar, all mixed in with aerial and naval action.  Add to that a dose of politics, business scams and high level double-dealing and you will surely find something to set your thrill-juices flowing.

My stories are often set with maritime themes and I have visited and researched many of the location scenes in my tales.

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A selection of shots taken during my book research visit to Cuba – can you spot the real chicken legs?

Posted by James Marinero on Memories of Cuba