Final Edits

We’re now at the technical edit stage, where I’ve got some friends and friends of friends reviewing some of the technical content, particularly gold futures trading and aerial combat.

Because the novel is set in the very near future, I’ve extrapolated some of the legal environment surrounding exchange trading following the 2008 crash and Ponzi schemes. The regulators have been having a field-day, but are being constrained so that they do not stifle the markets completely. Exchanges can always go somewhere else, where there is a less constrained commercial environment.

In the novel, there’s also the involvement of new-tech carrriers and planes – HMS Queen Elizabeth and USS Gerald R Ford, together with F35 Lightning planes and the Chinese J20 ‘Annihilator’ stealth plane, and I’ve need expert technical comment from fighter pilots with carrier experience.

It’s been interesting researching the Chinese economic boom and the PLAN (People’s Liberation Army Navy). More here about that: Peoples Liberation Army Navy