Tip – Author Media Kit Surprise

My publisher called me last night – interview this morning with South Wales Evening Post for a forthcoming feature. They wanted to know about my school, formative years and influences. So far so good. Interview went well (don’t know if they’ll publish though). But, they also want a photo. Not a regular author mugshot per media kit, but ‘a hi-res jpeg’ from my school days. Great. My school days were more than forty years ago.

All my parents pictures of me way back then were on 8mm movie stock, and on 35 mm slides. And all rotted in their loft!

I know I’ve got one picture of me, in a football shirt, with the rugby team when I was 17 or 18. I saw it recently. Can I find it? No. I think it’s in storage now. Still, it was taken by a professional photographer, so should scan into a hires jpeg…If I can find it.

Guess where I’m going this afternoon?