I’ve been doing some work on my website – favourite poetry and so on – and got to thinking about my English master at school. William Rees his name was. I then wondered whether he was mentioned anywhere on the web. Checked my old school site – no mention.

So, this post is dedicated to William Rees (aka ‘Bingo’) – the man who made little progress with me at the time (I scraped a pass for my certificate), but whom I still remember today and thank for his patience and sardonic wit, even when I fell asleep after lunch every week in his lesson.

Bingo will have passed on by now. After all, he taught my father before me. He was well over six feet tall, with what must have been a beer belly. His shape and looks were reminiscent of De Gaulle, though his balding head carried red hair. I remember him with a moustache, suede shoes, grey flannel trousers and a greeny check sports jacket.

Thanks Bingo for introducing me to William Golding, Shakespeare and the Twentieth Century Poets.

William Rees RIP.