Gate of Tears – The Film!

Now, all writers have this dream of seeing their work in film – or do they? My other half recently dreamed about attending a film première in Leicester Square, London, on my arm. The film in the dream was ‘Gate of Tears’. Dream on!

Strangely though, a couple of people I know – discriminating people at that (ok, if they are discriminating, then why would they know me?) [cheap shot] – said that they thought that the book would make a good film. Hah! Well, naturally, I think so too.

You know how it is when you’re on a long journey and can’t read – perhaps driving a car, or just taking a healthy stroll, how your mind can roam and daydream? That’s one way for me to resolve plot issues in my writing – another story.

Well, recently on such a journey, I got to wondering who would be my ideal actors in the film version. Having produced the video trailer, the shots gave me ideas. Maybe Jason Statham (Transporter, The Mechanic) for the lead? Some say he’s rather one-dimensional, but his part is all action anyway – not a lot of cerebral work required though he might need some hair. Ok, maybe Alec Baldwin then? And what about the psychopathic lesbian assassin? Uma Thurman (Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction) came to mind, but her age might be a problem.

I don’t know about a director. Oliver Stone? Tom Alfredson? What do you think? Let’s hear who you’d line up.