Sardinian Twilight

As I don’t right now have anyone to share this with, you get lucky – and I get both hamburgers! It’s a special Sardinian evening. The sun has just set and the young mountains are etched razor-sharp against a twilit sky – the colour of a pale yellow – almost white – rose. The wind is blowing down from the mountains with a temperature of maybe 30C. Over my right shoulder, the light on Capo Carbonara is winking away, 24 miles distant. Tonight, there is no dusty smell of sage brush – I guess the high pressure is keeping the scents close to the ground, but the air clear. OK cheap wine and local hamburgers (actually a mix of beef and chicken), but they’re good. I hope you’re enjoying your evening as much as I am mine.
The pic just doesn’t do it justice.
Capo di Pula