How Weird was Your Day?

Today wasn’t typical, but not far off average – except for the weather.
Yesterday’s gale had abated some, and the anchor held overnight. I slept reasonably well and started my working day, working on an IT Services proposal for a Canadian Health Consortium.

That was followed by breakfast and ghostwriting work on a book for a US Track and Field athlete.
Lunch with a couple of chapters of ‘blood meridian’ by Cormac McCarthy, and then a quick siesta followed by 1000 words on Sicilian Channel. It’s coming to a climax now, though the ending is barely visible as I struggle to make ends meet. Still, I’m happy I’ve got back to 5,000 words a week
The wind got up again this afternoon, though the gusts were much less fierce than yesterday; the motion of the boat was easier, not champing at her bit like a thoroughbred. OK, poor metaphorical construct!
Then, I had a Skype call to a client in Las Vegas who wanted a slide presentation revision and asked me to give a pep talk to one of his staff on how to achieve quality in her work. Boy!
I didn’t write any proposals for my own work, but one ebook conversion job came in from a regular client. I do get to read some interesting books! That segued into a beer and more ‘blood meridian’.
The day’s work was rounded off with some marketing on a couple of blogs.
Somehow I have to replenish groceries, fuel and water in the next few days, and that involves relocation  and other complexities. It’s a bizarre life, but at least the web connection has been behaving itself today. And, there’s less wind forecast tomorrow…
Capo Malfatano 2 Days Ago