Another new Aircraft Carrier for China

In Gate of Tears I forecast the growth of the Chinese blue water naval capability. OK, it was not rocket science when I looked at the stats of their armed forces growth and stance, and also at the purchase then commissioning of the Russian carrier ‘Varyag’ as the ‘Liaoning’ (project name ‘Shi-Lang’).

Now I see that the online edition of the Hong Kong daily Ta Kung Pao is reporting that Liaoning communist party secretary Wang Min (accidentally?) disclosed the project at a meeting of the provincial people’s congress. Work in the new carrier has reportedly started in the province.

There are also rumors that another carrier is to be built in Shanghai.

I wrote a few papers on the effort need to build what is in effect a whole new industry – that of building aircraft carriers. It is no small undertaking, and China is clearly in this for the long term.