Do you Keep a Character Book?

Strange people make great characters!

I was stuck in a traffic jam today and thought about a guy I met last week. He had an interesting work history, and gave me the idea for a character for future ‘use’ in one of my novels. I thought about making a few notes about him so that I would not forget – my memory is far from being as good as it used to be.

Then I remembered another guy I’d done some work for, and he was borderline mad – there were many aspects of his character manifested in strange behaviours (such as having seven separate washing baskets for his different types of clothes). There are several other such characters in my memory (and yes, I guess, a few I have forgotten).

So, I think I will open a book so that I can record these details so that I do not forget them. It said that you should write about what you know – I’m just afraid I’ll forget what I did know. Does anyone else keep such a character book?