What’s Happening between China and North Korea?

Well, what is happening in the Far East? The South China Morning Post reports today that a senior North Korean diplomat (that’s an oxymoron) has made a sudden visit to meet the Chinese President.

Chinese expansionism is one of the themes of my novel ‘Gate of Tears‘ and also ‘Sicilian Channel‘, and North Korea also comes into the picture in my thriller ‘The Sword of Allah’ due for release in the autumn this year. In January 2016, North Korea claimed the successful testing of a hydrogen bomb. The jury is still out on this but the verdict is expected to be ‘false claim’ – but what if the claim really did hold merit?

It’s clear that China sees Kim Jong-un as an ally (keep your friends close etc.) but must be somewhat teed off by his F you attitude to much of the rest of the world. Just how long the Kim family can keep the lid on the hotpot of North Korea is anyone’s guess, but Xi Jinping (who looks like a nice guy) must be getting sorely fed up with this lot in Pyongyang.

Watch out for my take in ‘Sword of Allah’ later this year, and be careful what you wish for!