Sword of Allah – Theme Music

My thanks to Peter Baker and his team at songnet.co.uk for permission to use ‘Anthem of Peace’ as the theme track for my ‘Sword of Allah’ video trailer. The techno-thriller launches on September 19th.

When music becomes reality

The music is a superb track and very relevant to my thriller, which is based on the initial premise of a North Korean nuclear fusion weapon test – they did actually claim a successful nuclear fusion bomb test in February 2016. There is doubt that it was really a fusion weapon, but no doubt that it was nuclear. The rest of the plot revolves around WMD in the hands of Islamist terrorists.

Upgraded missile technology

Whether my novel is a flight of fancy or not, we have to deal with reality. Just this week North Korea is once again raising the stakes with reports that its Redong / Nodong missile is capable of carrying a detachable warhead. This greatly increases the difficulty of interception. With their parallel advance in underwater launched solid fuel missile technology this is a worrying development. Some commentators are saying that Kim Jong-un is ‘unhinged’.

Bigger submarines

It is also known that they are getting ready to build much larger submarines, with a new construction facility. In July 2016, IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly reported that it had analysed images which showed that North Korea was building two 490ft shelters at its Mayang-do base. North Korea’s current Romeo-class vessels are only 250ft long.


Great music

Anyway, check out the music. 

My techno thriller ‘Sword of Allah’ is available in paperback and and all ebook formats.