Shark Attack!

I’m now in Grenada in the Caribbean.

Shark Attack?

Actually a true Carib Indian named James, who is known throughout the Union Island as Shark Attack. He gave himself the name because he wanted to be different. He surely is.

Shark has a beach restaurant in Chatham Bay on the northwest corner of the island, called, inevitably, ‘Shark Attack’. Restaurant? It’s a run down shack. No electricity or running water. Cooks on charcoal. Candles for lighting.

However, his grilled lobster is to die for. His chicken and ribs are pretty good too.

Last year, Jon Bon Jovi and family ate there. Tony Blair has eaten there twice.

And the cost? EC$60 per person – that’s currently about £18.

Shark is an intelligent, unassuming and delightful guy.

If you ever get to Union Island, go meet him and give it a try. You’ll need a taxi – boat – round from Clifton (the town), or a taxi (cab) and hiking boots to climb down the steep trail. Or just anchor in the bay as we did.