10 Years On, My ‘Gate of Tears’ Predictions

So much of what I wrote about in my 2011 technothriller ‘Gate of Tears’ is turning into reality.

  • The Chinese expansionism (especially in the South China Sea, but also Africa) is accelerating.
  • Chinese hypersonic aircraft carrier busting missiles threaten Western carrier groups which are enforcing international shipping routes.
  • We read abour more political tension in the RedSea every day.
  • China is making frightening progress with technology to track individuals.

In my first technothriller the Chinese used nano-scale implants for tracking and ‘nudging’ individuals. The ‘nudge’ is a jolt of pain to the sixth vertebra. How far away from that are we (or the Chinese)?

I think that my predictions show that we are headed into a frightening future.

One final thought: Did Covid10 come from a Chinese laboratory?

As I write the jury is still out on that.

What will the next 10 years hold?