Mystic River

Thriller Novel Or Not?

When you read it, you probably experienced a feeling of suspense. Did that get your heart going? For me the right kind of suspense can provide thrills. It was a best seller for Dennis Lehane. Here’s my review of this book, which I do consider to be a thriller novel.

A tight plot. Until I read it, I wanted to visit Boston.

After finding out it’s such a cold, grey and dismal place, I’ll pass. My homeland was the Welsh coal-mining valleys, but I doubt that I could write about them with the (depressing) eloquence that Lehane uses for blue-collar Boston and the Charles river. Nevertheless, a good story, with a real moral dilemma at its core. Only the second Lehane I’ve read, but he’s firmly on my ‘to work through’ list. The other was Sheet Lightning.

Enjoyable, and a book I looked forward to picking up for my bedtime read.

There’s more about Dennis Lehane’s thriller novels here at Paste.

The $30m budget movie made a massive gross, well over $100m, was one of Clint Eastwood’s best, and was a multiple award winner, gaining Best Actor (Sean Penn) and Best Supporting Actor (Tim Robbins )Oscars in 2003.

And the final word?