Gate of Tears Now In Print

I have to admit feeling a wee bit nervous today, but I spoke to the publisher and the printer and all’s well with the second proof – it passed muster. Now, we’re officially in print with “Gate of Tears”. It’s been a long road, but shorter than I imagined when I started back in 2003 – though I did take a break from writing whilst the world of publishing turned on its head.

They say a book is never perfect, and every time I turn a page I see improvements I could make – but I guess they wouldn’t really affect the entertainment value of my work. Still, it’s a satisfying feeling having got this far, but tinged with anti-climax. Now, I have to start the really hard bit, which is the marketing!

“Sicilian Channel” is taking shape nicely, and I’ve just come up with another two book ideas – should keep me going for a few years yet!