Sicilian Channel

I’m off the blocks on this one now – action in the Ionian/Adriatic, Sicily, Malta, and of course, the Sicilian Channel. This pulls in Libya and Tunisia as well – so there is plenty of scope for a fascinating plot and international politics.

I read the ‘Kappilan of Malta’ by Nicholas Monserrat and re-read ‘Man on Fire’ by A J Quinnel (Philip Nicholson’s pen name). Interestingly, Nicholson chose his pen-surname, Quinnel, from that of Derek Quinnel – a notable Welsh rugby player (father of Scott and Craig – both also first rank rugby forwards); Quinnel senior was a few years ahead of me in school in West Wales. It’s a small world!

I still have some more research to do in Sicily later this year, but travel this last year has included Tunisia, Malta and the Ionian, but not Libya. Still, I’ve talked to one or two people who have actually met Gadaffi (and have seen his buxom blonde nurse in person).

My publisher is pushing me to have it ready for the Christmas market, but that means 150K words in 3 months – that may be too tall an order!