Is Your Writing All At Sea?

Mine isn’t, but ‘a first’ occurred recently when I was sailing between Stromboli and Messina.

Using a 3G dongle in my laptop enables me to connect to the web when I’m within about ten miles of the coast. On this occasion, using my Italian dongle, I logged in an picked up some emails. One was from a friend who had been at a networking event where the prologue of ‘Susan’s Brother’ was read out, by the subject himself. I was told that ‘you could hear a pin drop’, and the reading led to some pre-ordering on Amazon.

I was still at sea, and this encouraging news set my brain going – I wrote a couple of hundred words on the nature of love, there and then, in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

So, ‘Susan’s Brother’ progresses! I’m still at the stage where I’ve transcribed the interviews with the subject of the story; next comes some fact checking and timeline correction, more interviews and then crafting the final work.