Best Thriller Novels Authors

I’ve been exercising this question for a few weeks now, and still haven’t come to a conclusion. Of course, I can only draw on the books I’ve read. I could see what others think, too.

Why is it important?

Well, on my site I’ve been writing a series of articles in which I am trying to deconstruct thrillers, and spy novels in particular – what makes them good (avoiding bad ones and negatives) and in that way improve my own work. Sure, writing style and imagination is important too.

It seems that even the best authors (or at least many of them), once they have hit a rich vein, move from creative writing into the realms of production line novels, employing teams of writers.

I’ve read a few authors where that approach has become apparent in their later works. For the moment though, I thought I’d invite you to scan the list of authors I’ve compiled, and click on one you think is top of the list. Once you’ve done that, then you’ll see the results of what others think.

Add your own if you prefer, at my best thrillers authors page (click). Just a bit of fun, I’m not selling home improvements!