I Bit The Bullet, But I Didn’t Eat The Deputy (Apologies To Bob Marley)

There are so many changes under way in the publishing world, I’ve now bitten the bullet – reducing the price of ‘Gate of Tears’ on Kindle to 99c for a month.

A paradigm shift is underway, with the trad-pub dinosaurs running round like headless chickens (now there’s a mixed-metaphor for you)! Whether you like it or not, publishing has changed forever (well, unless there’s a nuclear war).

This month Apple’s announcement of iBooks and Amazon’s Kindle Select program have put the cat amongst the pigeons (it’s a metaphor day, people) and feathers will fly, though the programs are not, prima facie, in competition with one another. Of course, Apple’s intention is to capture the education market for the iPad, and Amazon has no iPad-equivalent, yet.

Anyway, it’s a fun time all round, so head on over to the Kindle Store and get your 99c copy of ‘Gate of Tears’ now!

One thing is certain – the market will grow.