Google Alternatives

Google is a behemoth. I wrote sometime ago about the neural aspects of Google and last night started getting into Deep Analytics. Big data analytics are scary and intrusive, and governments want a slice – that is certain – hence the India and China putting up defences against Google.

Sooner or later Joe Public is going to realise that G is just another Big Brother. The public is fickle and hugely connected, and the days of Google being a funky search engine are over (if they were ever here).  Joe just needs a better alternative. Google collects too much personal data.

I’m old enough to remember big tech paradigm shifts as hit IBM with the PC. ATT, IBM, Microsoft – there are plenty of examples of market domination being curtailed. The bigger they get, they more they are hidebound by bureaucracy, regulation and sluggish response; then, the harder they fall.

Web infrastructure is open (give or take), we have so many open source apps. Now we just need a killer portal.

I’ve been checking out a new search engine

It’s new, it’s a bit slow – but improving rapidly. They buy all their energy from renewable sources, and for every 500 searches by a registered user, they plant a tree. I for one am switching.
I have no commercial affiliations with the site or anybody associated with it.
Finally, this blog is hosted by Google, and sooner ot later I’m going to bite the bullet and move to wordpress…