Changing Reading for Ever?

As part of the small boat cruising fraternity (that’s sailing, not anything salacious), I’m currently in Sicily researching Sicilian Channel (and finishing off Susan’s Brother). Many marinas have small libraries in their office, where we sailing itinerants swap books. Well, the one here in Marina de Ragusa has gone from zero to about 500 books in a year. 1 for 1 swaps? No way – people are unloading bulky, heavy books from their boats and moving to iPad and Kindle. Suits me – plenty of books, and I’ve got loads of space, though I did have a clear-out today and will be supplementing the library. Somehow, the idea of curling up in my bunk with a Kindle doesn’t appeal. Yes, it would be nice to be kindled in my bunk, but an LCD screen is not going to light my fire!