GPS Spoofing – When Fiction Becomes Reality

GPS spoofing may be the next navigational issue that sailors will have to worry about. GPS jamming is one thing – at least you know it’s happening when the receiver reports a problem. But spoofing?

GPS spoofing: Image of ship In a recent Russian experiment in the Black Sea, many ships found that their GPS receivers were reporting positions which did not make any sense, putting them as much as 32 km out of position. The dangers of relying on GPS for automatic guidance of shipping by autopilot (a common practice) are obvious.

In ‘Cause of All Causes‘ I write about the spoofing of AIS – I didn’t foresee the possibility of GPS spoofing! (AIS is the worldwide ‘Automatic Identification of Ships).

‘Cause of All Causes’ is a thriller involving Islamist terrorists, WMD and global threat set in maritime context. Just released!

You can read the full story about the GPS Spoofing in New Scientist.