Marrs Green – Is it Green or is it Blue?

A strange thing. I’d just selected the background colour for “Cause of All Causes” when a press story appeared about Marrs Green. Apparently it’s the world’s most popular colour, as decided by a poll of 30,000 people across more than 100 countries. Some say it’s blue, others say it’s green.

My PC-based colour picker tells me that Marrs Green is RGB 0, 130, 125. It’s very close to Teal Blue (RGB 0,128,128; Hex #008080). The colour I had selected for the backgrounds for the ads for my latest novel lies in between the two: RGB 0.127,127..

I like the colour – it’s  close to the colour of the sky in the background picture (which I didn’t take myself) of the wave on my book cover below. It’s also close to that I’ve seen so many times at sea in the Atlantic Ocean as a wave peaks and the sunlight shines through the crest before it tumbles into froth.

You can find the full story about Marrs Green here